Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions agents have when considering Agency Network Exchange.

Q: If I pool my premium with ANE will I lose my independence?
A: No, many agents worry that by joining a network or cluster they will lose their independence. This is not the case with ANE. Our members retain 100% ownership of their agency and their books of business! We help with direct access to carriers and pooling of premium to increase contingent income. We help our member agents grow their agencies.

Q: Will I lose commission revenue?
A: No, our members earn 100% of commissions, more than you earn with wholesalers or brokers, PLUS they earn profit sharing! Direct carrier appointments mean more products to offer your clients, more standard commission and more contingent income!

Q: What happens if the group’s loss ratio goes bad?
A: We have one contract with one stop loss and considerable premium. We protect you from those lows in difficult profit sharing years by aggregating profit sharing and then sharing back a pro rata share regardless of your agency’s individual loss or premium growth performance for each carrier.

Q: Agency Network Exchange is a new organization, how can I know it’s going to be around?
A: We’ve been around for a while and were here to stay for a couple of reasons: 1) The agents who founded ANE are all multi-generational agencies that have been in business for many decades and are passing their agencies on to their family members, and 2) ANE is committed to the independent agency system and has made the decision not to sell to anyone.

Q: I have access to lots of standard carriers through wholesalers, what makes you different?
A: We provide you with direct access to premier national and regional carriers. You write directly on their systems, earn more commission and participate in profit sharing. When was the last time a wholesaler shared their profit sharing with you?

Q: How do I know if my carriers like this type of thing?
A: Carriers know and understand what ANE is doing and support us, just ask them. We are top producers for our carrier partners. Also, agents throughout the country have been participating in groups like ANE for more than thirty years. This is about your agency moving to the next level.

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