Hook and Retain New Workers Compensation Clients Using Balance Point

ANE Member Agencies have a competitive advantage in the marketplace when they leverage our exclusive partnership with Balance Point Payroll.

When you meet with a prospect, you have the opportunity to ask them about their previous audits, current insurances, cash flows, succession plans, etc. and spark a positive conversation about the value you can bring to the table. Go over all of the risk audits your client could potentially have, take time to educate them on Pay As You Go coverage and how Balance Point can help eliminate those worries.

Pay As You Go is one of the many services Balance Point can offer to help gain long-lasting relationships with current and future clients. They connect with 19 different workers comp carriers and will build custom files with any carrier of our Members' choosing. By using these benefits, opportunities to discuss other profitable lines of insurance will arise, making retention more likely.

Why Offer Pay As You Go Workers Compensation Coverage?

Offering Pay As You Go coverage to a potential or current client shows you are looking out for their best interest. If your client is paying workers compensation in a traditional sense, then at the end of the year, a premium audit may be conducted to verify payroll, class codes, and sub-contractor exposure. Getting your client a little cash back at the end of the year would be nice, but for those businesses who owe money - they won't be so thrilled!

The benefits of Pay As You Go:

  1. No money down.
  2. The quote is determined by payroll reporting in real time.
  3. No estimates = No surprises!

An audit still may occur, but the risk of your client owing money is much lower. For new or small businesses, having to owe a few thousand dollars at the end of the year could really make or break their future planning. Pay As You Go is a win/win for all and will create success stories you can share with your other clients and prospects. When ANE teams with Balance Point, clients truly get the best of both worlds - better consultation, better service, better everything!

Please contact your Balance Point representative today!

Pete Luciano pete@balancepointpayroll.com