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    Mike Blumenfeld

    Does NJ DOBI need to approve the announced rebates/refunds the different carriers have advertised? Or are the carriers allowed to proceed without approval? Does it matter if it’s a reciprocal exchange, mutual or stock company? I hope the insurers can proceed quickly, as they have announced. However I fear bureaucracy which could give us a black eye.

    Alyssa Delaney

    Mike, It does appear NJDOBI has to approve any refunds or credits. Just spoke with Mercury and they mentioned the company approved a 15% refund on personal auto, but they were waiting for NJDOBI’s approval to move forward.

    Mike Blumenfeld

    thanks. So now I’m worried we’re going to get all these calls from people looking for their refunds and they aren’t processed because they’re not approved by the state. Also, have you seen anything from NatGen?

    Jocelyn Rineer

    Mike, I do not remember seeing anything from Nat Gen but I have contacted them and am waiting for a response. I will let you know. Jocelyn

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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