A.M. Best TV “Filling Niches: Agents Explore New Areas for Growth”

John Weber and the team from A.M. Best TV stopped by our annual conference to speak with ANE members about the benefits of our network and finding their niche market.

Watch the full video here

Agency Network Exchange CEO John K. Tiene says “focus on a specific niche, become an expert in that field and then you will quickly grow.”

“We’ve picked up clients we would have never had a shot at before. … Last year, we were up 40% on the commercial lines side, primarily because we’ve had the carriers and access we need,” said Bill Scuorzo of BCG Advisors.

ANE has already announced we will be expanding into multiple states throughout the mid-Atlantic region and reaching out to agencies with a high demand for our resources.

A.M. Best Company is a global full-service credit rating agency dedicated to serving the insurance industry.