Don’t Blame the Producers if Your Insurance Agency isn’t Growing!

Stop blaming “non-producers” for not producing. The time is “now” for independent insurance agents to develop and execute a specific plan to drive organic growth that will be sustainable regardless of the business cycle.

That was the prime take-away for top New Jersey-based insurance professionals at a recent gathering, entitled, “What Every Independent Agent Need to Know Now”. The event was organized and hosted by Consolidated Insurance Agents (CIA), a premier network of growth-oriented agencies, and featured executives of the prominent consulting firm, MarshBerry & Company Inc.,

“It is time for independent agencies to break the paradigm,” said Albert A. Lloyd, executive vice president of MarshBerry, “and make the commitment to become a true sales organization.” Lloyd outlined four key steps in that process:

  1. Set a goal of attaining 20% new business as a percentage of an agencies prior-year commissions;
  2. Embrace the infrastructure that enables such production;
  3. Implement a structured, process-driven, producer reinvestment program; and
  4. Join the movement to change the perception of the industry.

Lloyd noted that one of the biggest challenges to an agency’s commission growth is “non-producing” producers. To illustrate, for the last seven years, a MarshBerry survey ranked, “non-performing producers,” as the No. 1 agency challenge. Said Lloyd, “After seven years, maybe it’s not the producers fault if they’re not performing.” He suggested that agencies look to their processes, infrastructure and sales management practices to realistically, and aggressively address growth concerns – and opportunities.

John Tiene, CEO of Consolidated said, “Rates are hardening and the economy is on its way to recovering. NOW is the time for our industry to put aggressive plans in place to drive success, no matter what the future brings.” Added Tiene, “CIA is honored to sponsor educational forums that engage our membership and the broader insurance community in thinking about – and planning, for the future.”

Consolidated Insurance Agents (CIA) was founded in 2009 by independent, growth-oriented agencies who wanted access to broader markets, without giving up control of their businesses. CIA is a member of Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of New Jersey (IIABNJ), Trusted Choice® and Professional Insurance Agents of New Jersey (PIANJ)