The Ultimate Agency Network Checklist

November 25, 2014

Is your agency considering joining an agency network, cluster, aggregator or group? If so, here is our checklist of what you need to ask!

There are four things to consider when choosing the right network or aggregator for your independent insurance agency:

  1. Premium Aggregation
  2. Markets, Commissions and Fees
  3. Support and Services
  4. Separating from a Group

Do you know how contingency and profit sharing are managed to protect individual agents? Will the network, cluster or aggregator provide you with a personalized aggregation model using your agency’s data?

In regards to commissions and fees, your agency should know all of the facts of what the fees are and how they are applied. You should also ask how the commission splits work and what production requirements all participating agencies will have to meet.

Agency Network Exchange has compiled a complete Agency Checklist to help your agency get moving on the right track towards finding the right network or cluster for you.

View the Full Checklist Here


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