Selective Recognizes Agency Network Exchange

February 18, 2014

Agency Network Exchange┬áis pleased to announce that Selective Insurance has named ANE to their President’s Club.

Selective’s recognition is based on ANE’s long-term profitability and consistent growth. As a member of the President’s Club, ANE will be provided with access to top business consulting services and participation in agency strategic planning sessions. This type of recognition is only possible because of the commitment and dedication of our member agencies.

In addition to attaining President’s Club status, CEO John K. Tiene has been named to Selective’s New Jersey Regional Producer Advisory Council. John will join eleven other agency principals from around the state in working with Selective’s executive and regional management to provide feedback and insight on agency relations and management issues.

“With Agency Network Exchange, my agency has grown because I have the access to markets to write small and middle market accounts.”

Charles Bixsenspanner, President
Friedman Associates NJ
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