Insurance Journal Podcast

November 6, 2014

In succession to his appearance on the IIABNJ’s panel discussion in Cape May on October 6th, Insurance Journal asked ANE CEO John K. Tiene to speak on agency aggregators, clusters and alliances.

Insurance Journal’s online podcast channel featured Tiene in a recent interview about what independent agencies looking to join a network, aggregator, or cluster should evaluate before membership.

Tiene explains the differences and similarities between the different models and what key characteristics are going to help a specific agency succeed. As the independent agent distribution channel changes, networks and aggregators will provide the competitive edge agencies need to handle tighter margins, pressure from “mega” agencies and the challenges of new technology and specialization in the industry.

Watch the full podcast here.


“With Agency Network Exchange, my agency has grown because I have the access to markets to write small and middle market accounts.”

Charles Bixsenspanner, President
Friedman Associates NJ
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