Cyber Liability Insurance Still a Hard Sell

February 17, 2015

As independent insurance agents, it is our duty to keep our clients fully educated on what their exposures are to their small businesses. So, why is it so many are declining cyber liability insurance?

“Our job is really to educate the business owner as to the variety of exposures they are presented with and help them understand how the coverage can protect them,” says John K. Tiene, ANE CEO.

In Insurance Business America’s recent article “Despite Anthem and Sony, Agents Still Struggle to Sell Cyber”, Tiene discusses why the demand for such insurance is increasing, yet agents are still finding it difficult to sell. Most large carriers offer services to educate agents and clients, as well as provide the product for any small business.

Read more about this topic in the full article here.

“ANE not only got me direct appointments but they’ve been there to support me and back me up when I needed it. ANE gives me the clout I need to be successful.”

Len Barone, President
The Lynoxx Group LLC
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